Most successful people have a few things in common. They are goal driven to succeed in their business and in life but also desire a work/life balance.


Lynda French, PCC,  President of K C Consulting, Inc., is a certified coach and business consultant. She received her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation through International Coach Federation (ICF) and her certification through International Coaching Academy.  After working as a trainer for a West Coast-based company, Lynda started K C Consulting, Inc. in 2003 to offer a variety of tailored services for companies.


She specializes in the following areas:


Executive Coaching  - As a client once said " I hadn't noticed I lost my vision for the business.  You assisted in finding glasses for me  I never knew I needed!"  Lynda begins by listening and identifying goals her clients would like to achieve.  Using a four step process, she will develop a plan to reach those goals.  Various examples are leadership skills, clarity of direction, retention of senior level executives, executive burnout, conflict management, stress reduction, time management, prioritizing and image management. Lynda is also a Life Coach and offers assistance with defining and creating a positive change for her clients.  Life coaching examples are personal goal setting, time management and working through life changes. In addition, she offers Career Coaching for those that desire to explore career paths that lead to a desirable position.


Professional Speaker/Trainer - Lynda offers various training, seminars and other speaking engagements tailored to the needs of the companies she works for.


Business Consulting - Lynda assists in helping clients tell their persuasive message about themselves with passion and sets them apart from others in their industry.  She helps them achieve their goals by developing new business out of their existing business reservoir and looking at innovative ways to identify new business.  Many professionals have small barriers that keep them from obtaining what they would like in their business. By overcoming those barriers, she helps them achieve new levels of success they were not able to previously achieve.  Lynda is adept at helping clients and their strategic business partners recognize and develop their core competencies and  strengths and will lead to a better concentration of business.  She provides ongoing accountability, clarity of direction, implementation of strategies, assistance in communication effectively and leadership skills.